Wing Personnel

Cadets in your local Air Training Corps (ATC) squadron are flying, gliding, going on summer camps, taking part in all kinds of action adventure and sports, and meeting people. How far are YOU from having a brilliant time?

Wing Commander Andy Griffin RAFAC

Officer Commanding

Permanent Staff

These are the support staff for the Wing. They handle all the administration of the Wing and support the Squadrons.

Mr I Stockley-Miles

Wing Executive Officer

Post Vacant

E1 Wing Administrative Officer

Post Vacant

E2 Wing Administrative Officer

Executive Wing Staff Officers

Executive Wing Staff Officers are specialist officers, assigned to specific roles within the Wing. They are not Squadron staff and are headquatered at WHQ.

Sqn Ldr J Feast RAFAC

Deputy Wing OC & Sports Officer

Post Vacant

Wing Chaplin


Wing Warrant Officer

Sqn Ldr J Smith RAFAC

Sector Commander - North

Sqn Ldr S Pritchett RAFAC

Sector Commander - Central, Media & Communications Officer & Director of Music

Sqn Ldr I Rose RAFAC

Sector Commander - South & Deputy Training Officer

Sqn Ldr K Cheston RAFAC

Training Officer

Sqn Ldr A Tonks RAFAC

Shooting Officer & Bader POC


Fieldcraft Officer

Sqn Ldr W Hoe RAFAC

Adventure Training Technical Officer & Duke of Edinburgh Award Officer

Sqn Ldr G D'Anna RAFAC

Radio Officer

Sqn Ldr C Bear RAFAC

Aerospace & Flying and Gliding Officer

Sqn Ldr R McElligott RAFAC

Development Officer

Non-Executive Wing Staff Officers

Supernumerary Wing Staff Officers are based on Squadrons and in addition to performing their normal duties on those Squadrons, they act as Subject Matter Experts for the Wing

Flt Lt V Seabridge RAFAC

Road Marching Officer

Flt Lt E Holmes RAFAC

First Aid Officer

WO R Lofthouse RAFAC

Deputy Wing Warrant Officer & BTEC Officer



Sgt M Harrison RAFAC


Flt Lt K Hosell RAFAC

Wing Health & Safety Officer

Flt Lt S Corbett RAFAC

Deputy Aerospace Officer

Flt Lt S Harris RAFAC

Deputy Adventure Training Officer

Wing Civilian Committee

The Wing Civilian Committee is an important part of the organisation. Their role being to assist the Wing's Commanding Officer, raise funds and ensure the Wing maintains direction.

Mr S McGuinness

Civilian Committee Chairman

AVM Smart

Wing President

Mr D Rhodes

Deputy Civilian Committee Chairman

Mr R Parry

Civilian Committee Treasurer

Mrs J Sherwood

Civilian Committee Secretary

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