target shooting

side from being and important military skill, target shooting requires skill, patience and the application of some very in-depth training. The range is ALWAYS an extremely disciplined environment.

Obviously, you can’t just pick up a rifle and shoot! You have to undergo dry training (using DRILL ammunition) and pass a weapons handling test. This qualification lasts six months, but the training can be done over a weekend. Once this is out of the way, you can go on the range with one of our qualified range conducting officers and fire REAL ammunition using our Lee Enfield No.8 / 0.22 rifle.

West Mercian Wing also has regular visits to larger outdoor ranges where after being qualified on the No. 8 can shoot the more modern L98A2 rifle, part of the SA-80 family currently in service with the British Armed Forces. This can only be fired by cadets who have already fired the No. 8 /0.22 rifle, passed the 1st class exam and are over 14 years of age.

Once familiar with the L98A2, the cadets can achieve the Corps Marksmanship, which involves more accuracy and speed shooting. Exceptionally skilled cadets can be nominated to participate in the trails for the Cadet 100, an award for the best 100 shots from the Air cadets, Army Cadets and Sea cadets; a challenge to say the least, but not impossible.

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